Daily Archives: June 25, 2008

Spring cleaning

It’s a hot summer day, perfect time for a spring cleaning in the indoors.  In this case, I did a cleanup of spring.net’s main page.  It was getting to be like a messy room, so I cleaned it up by cutting out all the wasted space, unifying  the fonts, checking and testing the links (and discarding the dead and useless links) and adding a long list of social networks that my alter ego, austinlifestyles has just joined.  Too bad the twitter stuff doesn’t work very well, the twitter site sure is overstressed.

The Spring is almost 20 years old now, so it’s ready to change the engine.  The ancient yapp software needs to be replaced with Drupal, Joomla, Phorum, or something more up to date.  We’ll keep the old stuff around as an archive, kind of like how they turned the Battlestar Galactica in to a museum.  But soon we’ll be rolling out new forums, new video sharing, music sharing and some features that will mesh it up with the social networks.  So many social networks!

I hope you like the new clean look.  We’re also working on an “alpha” project on AustinLifestyles that you may want to check out.  Add me as a friend on twitter and I’ll add you back.