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"A romantic comedy about love, marriage and commitment"

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Baz Bambigboye (Daily Mail, July 21, 2000):

Secret of Slaying 'em

Mike Binder has a philosophy about budgets for funny movies. "Money kills comedy",  he insists as we chat on the set of his latest film, The Search for John Gissing, a comedy with a budget a fraction of the £50 million spent on some of the turkeys he's referring to.

"All the great comedy films have been made fast, cheap and furious. Any time Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy or whoever team up in some 80 million dollar comedy they're always bad".

He cites the likes of Animal House, Four Weddings and a Funeral, The Full Monty and Something About Mary as small budget films that succeeded because someone had a vision.

Binder himself made Blankman a few years ago for tons of moneyŚ and it flopped. Now he and his brother Jack have formed Sunlight Productions and are working on the second of five planned British- American comedy fusion movies....

Later in the year audiences should be able to see what Binder means when his film Londinium, in which he stars with Mariel Hemingway, Colin Firth and Jack Dee, comes out.

It's comedy fusion in the form of a beautiful love letter to London."


The Cast

                                                       Colin Firth as                          Mariel Hemingway as
                                                        Allen Portland                     Carly Matthews-Portland

                                                        Irene Jacob as                             Mike Binder as
                                                       Fiona Delgrazio                               Ben Green

                                                           Stephen Fry as              Christopher Lawford
                                                                    Nigel                                as Davis

                                                          Jack Dee as Glen        Steven Marcus as Davey

The Story

Meet Ben   Ben is an American writer from the Seinfeld show who is brought to London to help the popular sitcom "Tedford Gate," which stars former out-of-work American actress Carly.

Meet Carly   Carly has made a successful new life for herself in England, after being rejected by Hollywood.  She's married to the producer of her show, Allen, the archetypal proper English gentleman.

Meet Fiona While Ben falls for the married star of the show, Carly attempts to make a match between him and Fiona, the very pretty French makeup artist on her show even though she has a crush on him herself.

Over sumptuous picnics in the park and stolen moments at the production offices, the crush grows stronger between Carly and Ben and the admiration and intellectual attraction between Fiona and Allen is unmistakable. 
The culmination of the criss-crossing affections takes place in "a proper English fashion" at a seaside hotel and leaves everyone involved satisfied and happy, for the time being...

Allen and Fiona are forced to question their commitment to each other when Fiona is offered work in Rome which would require Allen to part with his beloved England to follow her.  Ben sacrifices artistic integrity to let Carly act and sing on the stage of his new West End drama but that doesn't seem to be enough.  She eventually runs away with Ben's L.A. agent (Lawford) who offers her the Hollywood glitz and glamour that Ben no longer knows or wants.

A story of "the grass is always greener" which explores ideas of compatibility and fidelity in relationships through hilarious and romantic episodes to a rather thoughtful and bittersweet end.

Scenes from the Movie


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