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Tue, Mar 17, 1998 (01:01) | Paul Terry Walhus (terry)
Bayless High. I graduated from there in '63. And this is a place on the
net for me and my friends to talk about those days, which, now that I
think about them, were remarkable. I especially remember four folks,
Pat, Merle, Helen and Jim. The latter two are no longer with us. And I
just recently re-united with Pat and Merle on the net. A place here to
trip down memory lane, but also a place to create some new here and nows.

72 responses total.

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 Response 1 of 72: Paul Terry Walhus  (terry) * Tue, Mar 17, 1998 (01:39) * 6 lines 
There were, as I remember, exactly a hundred of us in that class of 63.
Bayless High was located in Affton, MO. a suburb to the South of St. Louis.
Merle was the high school physics teacher. Helen and Jim were remarkable
actors, appearing in the school plays. Helen was also an extraordinary
poet. And Pat is a great friend, poet in his own way, who has seen the
world and finds solace out at sea.

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 Response 2 of 72: Thanks Pat!  (terry) * Wed, Mar 18, 1998 (21:17) * 6 lines 
The Oracle 63 is here and I'll feed it to my scanner for

It was awesome of you to send it! We need more pictures, movies?,
sound clips, etc. because I'm big on multimedia web sites.

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 Response 3 of 72: Paul Terry Walhus  (terry) * Wed, Mar 18, 1998 (21:29) * 3 lines 
99 or 100? We going to need some folks here. I've put out a
request to Bayless High for Kay Mallards contact information, her
being a sort of keeper of the flame.

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 Response 4 of 72: Gail Egendoerfer (terry) * Thu, Mar 19, 1998 (02:14) * 33 lines 

I opened the Oracle at random
tonight and picked the first person
I would try to contact. It was
Gail Egendoerfer who is now Gail Agnew.
She still lives in St. Louis after
a couple of trips to Florida. Her son
lives in Rome, Italy and they communicate
via email. He ducks in to a
cybercafe to stay in touch.

Remember Gail? She was a cheerleader, a pert blonde, and went with an
older guy (not from our school). She's on page 16 of the Oracle, along
with Carol Endermuhle, Patricia Emery, Richard Fava, and Sandra
Finigian. How did Fava slip in to this page full o' babes?

She was also in the choir and the band and was one of the best dancers in
the school (I wasn't but I've been making up for it lately).

We talked naturally, Gail hadn't connected with anyone from our class for
a long time, having left the state right after school (just like I did).
She's been working for physicians in medical offices for a while, and
still does this for a living.

It was fun talking to Gail. We logged more time talking last night than
we did the whole time we were at Bayless. And it wasn't shallow talk, we
got into some things.

So the search has begun, in this "cyber-reunion" of the class of 63 at
Bayless High. Gail has an account here now, and I
hope she figures out how to check in.

Who to call next?

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 Response 5 of 72: De Hylla (terry) * Sat, Mar 21, 1998 (13:27) * 45 lines 

I just got off the phone with De Hylla.
She's still in St. Louis. I got
her number from her cousin. She's a
widow, her husband died 9 years ago
of cancer and her son is a police
officer in St. Louis. She's got 34
years as a computer designer for a
division of Emerson Electric. Wow, a geek! "What do
you mean a geek!" she said with astonishment. She got
married when she was 27. She had been married 17 years.

She knows Windows! Teaches it to the girls at her job.

She still sees Kathy Seemiller, who is a secretary in Melville HS.

De wants to retire in 7 years on Social Security and her
pension and play golf. She's going to be in a tournament in April.

Asked if she would remarry she said "Why!" with some emphasis.
She's tried dating and found it hard to find anyone who's honest.
I needled her about how all the guys were after her.

She said that Sandra Janekso married George Rapley. They were
both our classmate. Sandra was in her husbands church.

De said that Joe Stitz died in a car wreck. And Michael Reagan
died. Gosh, we are up to four silent classmates now.

It was great to talk to De, she seemed in great spirits.
It went way beyond the "Hi, how are ya'" which was about the
extent of our conversations in high school.

She ran in to Ted Murray at a Bayless alumni dance, though
she said not too many of our class show up at these events.
She asked about Gail Egendoerfer and I suggested she read my
comments above.

She mentioned that Mr. Keller just died.

She said she'd call me back later and we'll talk some more.
De with one "e"; she's great. As direct and forthright as

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 Response 6 of 72: Merle Busch (terry) * Sat, Mar 21, 1998 (14:30) * 26 lines 

I talked to Merle Busch a little
while ago, and I've already mentioned
him several times in connection with
the poetry that we got of Helen Huths.
(see the Spring's poetry conference).

Merle is happily married and still living
in the South County St. Louis area. He's retired from teaching now.

Merle is the hippest teacher I ever had. Someone who cares about people.
And he was more that that, he was, and still is, a very good friend.

And he's found his way on the net, and surfs around a couple of hours
most days. I've sort of tried to talk him in to posting some things here.

We had some great times in high school exploring the caves
of Missouri. There was this book we had by Harlan Bretz which
listed the Missouri caves and on weekends a group of us
(usually Pat Luppens, Jim Fox, Helen Huth and me) would pile
in his Austin Healey 3000 (quite a feat in itself) and head
off to a caving adventure.

Caves, ya know, are where you find springs ;-)

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 Response 7 of 72: Pat Luppens  (pat) * Sun, Mar 22, 1998 (21:07) * 2 lines 
The page is really growing. This is a great thing you're doing for us all.
Thanks. I hope we can get a lot more of the 63's involved.

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 Response 8 of 72: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Sun, Mar 22, 1998 (21:41) * 3 lines 
Wow! First time check in. Hello Pat!

Looking back to '63 what are your standout memories?

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 Response 9 of 72: Remembering Luppens (terry) * Mon, Mar 23, 1998 (04:20) * 15 lines 

I remember Pat pretty well because we
were good friends and Pat was a "nerd"
back before anyone ever heard of them.

It feels like Pat has stuck
his toe in the water here and tested
it out. And Gail and De haven't found
the swimming hole yet. Merle I know has read the topic.

And most of the other guests haven't even received their cyber-reunion
notices yet (but I'm working on it!) Tell us about your life now Pat,
I know you're really into boating and boat building (we've swapped a
few emails at this stage).

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 Response 10 of 72: Sandy Vogt in Illinois (terry) * Tue, Mar 24, 1998 (21:06) * 31 lines 
Well guess who I talked to tonight?

Sandy Vogt!

Sandy had to have been
one of the greatest athletes
of all time at our school.
Sandy is now married and
living in Oneida, Illinois.
She's been married and a
schoolteacher nearly her whole life (28 years).

I had a great talk with Sandy, she's so warm and friendly!
And she was very helpful about getting in touch with some
other folks. I was feeling kind of disappointed after
getting the skimpy list from Merle but I felt much better
after talking to Sandy. She was one of the few folks on
the schools computer database.

She has email and web access so I'm hoping she'll check in
here and figure out how to post some things. I felt like she
had a lot to say! She has "oodles of questions" about what
she's doing on the net.

She lives in real small town (700 folks). She's stayed in
touch with Ann Harrell, Mary Hug Krause in Florida, Edith
Jung Graf, and Sandy Leopold so maybe she can put us in touch
with those Bronchs of 63.

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 Response 11 of 72: 20th class reunion  (terry) * Tue, Mar 24, 1998 (22:02) * 2 lines 
I missed the 20th reunion. Can anyone who went to it, talk
about it?

 Topic 10 of 15 [homepage]: Bayless High 63
 Response 12 of 72: Sandy Vogt  (sandy) * Tue, Mar 24, 1998 (22:37) * 22 lines 

Hi everybody!!
WOW, Terry! You were sure quick to get my senior picture on the net! I am a completely different looking person today. If I ever get a scanner I'll surprise you with an updated version.

I think your idea of this web page is great. I haven't had time to look up any addresses or names for you since we spoke on the phone tonight (3-24-98) but I promise to do it soon.

I enjoyed your comments about Gail, De, Pat, Helen, and Jim. All of them stand out in my mind. I saw De at a Bayless High Alumni picnic about 6 or 7 years ago. She went to lunch with my brother, Al, and I. We had a wonderful visit!!

I met with Sandy Leopold, Cheryl Burns, Sandy Finigian, and Mary Hug a couple of times after our 20th class reunion. We had a good time. For several years we exchanged Christmas cards. I haven't heard from them lately. I do hear from Mary annually.
She is a very proud grandmother. I'm so jealous of her!!

I'm really glad to hear there are so many golfers out there. I absolutely love the game!! Bill, my husband, and I play almost every day during the summer. We are both teachers with the summers free to play .
At my very best I have a 15 handicap for 18 holes. Most of the time it's bogie golf.

With the exception of lots of extra pounds, my health is pretty good. I
still talk a lot and love to get e-mail ( mailto:// )

I'm looking forward to hearing from my classmates.

Love to all!

Sandy (Vogt) Whalen

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 Response 13 of 72: questions for Sandy  (terry) * Tue, Mar 24, 1998 (23:00) * 20 lines 

I look very different now
also, as you can see from
this picture which shows
how much I've matured.

That's neat Sandy,
I like to play golf
out at our little
Bastrop course.

And how did you and
your husband meet?
What grades have
you been teaching?

Do you have any stories about your life at Bayless High? What was
your greatest moment in sports, Sandy?

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 Response 14 of 72: Sandy Vogt  (sandy) * Wed, Mar 25, 1998 (17:00) * 29 lines 
Hi Paul (or would you like to be called "Terry" now?)

I know who the new picture is. It's Edith (Jung) Graff.
She and Gail Egendorf and I are the only three classmates
in our class to have gone to school together from K-12 grades at Bayless.

I met my husband in a "History and Principals of PE " class at MU. The only chair in the room was next to him. I walked into a room full of some very husky girl PE majors and a balance of the University of MO football players.

I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.

Anyway Bill and I both have a similar sense of humor...gross..and we hit it off great.

We've been married 32 years this June.

I have taught every elementary grade except 2nd. My love is 5th grade and I've been doing that for 12 years. I love Am. History and I get to do a lot of it in that grade level.
Also the kids are fun. They have a good sense of humor and they still want to please the teacher.
Sixth graders start to please each other which is a prerequisit for adolescence. NO THANK YOU!!!

I guess sports at Bayless was most fun for me when in a basketball game against Lutheran South (A very poor team at the time) I beat my sisters scoring record.
Of course we played "sissy" basketball and today that feat doesn't seem at all impressive.

I listen to a lot of the oldies but goodies and remember the teentowns and rides in Mary Hug's convertable. I used to smoke in high school and thought I was a real rebel rouser.
I'm sure I could think of some more things if someone else writes and reminds me of things from their stories.

So I've talked enough. It's somebody elses turn to answer those questions.
What is everybody doing? How many children? Good things....and Bad things? Where are you all?

Bye for now,

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 Response 15 of 72: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Wed, Mar 25, 1998 (18:01) * 43 lines 
I think the great tragedy of your life, Sandy, is that you were born just
too soon for the Women's NBA. Whaddaya mean "sissy"! You don't happen
to remember how many points you scored in that game do you?

I just got off the line with Rick Froelich, we had a good talk. Rick is
the "Lollipop King" of St. Louis. No joke. He's selling a whole
line of designer "gourmet" lollipops, it's his own business and it's doing
real well. He sells to Walmart and mom and pop stores in St. Louis and
he's trying to expand to the rest of the state.

Before that Rick was in the footwear business and traveled all over. I
think he said he was with LA Gear but I'm not sure.

Rick's not on the net, but his kids are. So *maybe* he'll get his kids
to show him this website. We didn't exactly have a computer lab when we
went to Bayless High did we? We being the last generation of Camelot
and before the fateful day in Dallas, the last of the innocents as Pat
put it.

Rick sees Newsom and Groth occasionally. He said Jack played softball
for a quite a number of years. Rick has been married 28 years and has
several kids. He told me Groth is working on number three (well, it sounds
like Bill and I have something in common). Rick met his wife while he was
at Brown Shoe in St. Louis.

I remember Froelich had that nice, soft jumper on the court. Of course
the king of the jump shot was Dickie Weber (but that could get in to a
controversy). Like Sandy, Rick is an avid golfer.

Rick couldn't remember the name of the place he went to on his Austin visit.
But I can tell him now that it was the Oasis on Lake Travis. Fabulous
spot, highly recommended if anyone decides to truck on down to Austin.
The margaritas are superb.

He saw Paul Lochirco a few years ago. Paul Lochirco lives out in Idaho.
He's a private pilot and doing real well.

It was great to talk to Rick. I'm trying to call Groth . . .
no one home.

Party on.

 Topic 10 of 15 [homepage]: Bayless High 63
 Response 16 of 72: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Wed, Mar 25, 1998 (19:31) * 4 lines 

And it was Lochirco in Washington DC and Skip Radick in Idaho, I
had that mixed up a bit.

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 Response 17 of 72: Mike Griggs  (mikeg) * Thu, Mar 26, 1998 (14:51) * 2 lines 
Welcome, Sandy!

 Topic 10 of 15 [homepage]: Bayless High 63
 Response 18 of 72: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Fri, Mar 27, 1998 (08:03) * 29 lines 
I'm in California today and I'm up at a ridiculously
early hour, being still on Austin time. My mom is having
an operation and chemo treatments. All those years of smoking
have caught up to her. She's in good spirits though, and
has kept up her sense of humor.

We have our first winner! Sandy Vogt corectly guessed that it
was Edith's picture so a prize will on its way to her soon. We'll
be posting either a new picture or trivia question soon and the
same rules will apply, first person to correctly identify the
picture or answer the trivia question will get some Spring
memorabilia sent to them and they will become eligible for the
grand prize to be given away later.

I'm going to visit my son later today, who is going to college
in Santa Rosa, California. He stands 6' 4" ya know and has
an awesome reverse slam dunk. We'll be watching the Final Four
at my mom's house in the Bay area.

My sister Alice is married now and she and her husband Don are
building an enormous house on a hill at the foot of Mt. Diablo
in Walnut Creek. I'm helping her build her website

to promote her business, which is setting folks up on golf vacations.
She went to Bayless also and her best friend there was Joyce
Subert, who lived down the street from us. I think she said Joyce
has four kids now.

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 Response 19 of 72: Pat Luppens  (pat) * Wed, Apr  1, 1998 (20:37) * 8 lines 
Well there you all are. When I checked on to the site I didn't see any thing but now lots of people are showing up. This is very cool . Seems like everyone is playing golf. If you have dirt and grass you golf. If you have the Chesapeake Bay you sail/

fish/boat. Moved to Virginia in 77and discovered this marvelous inland sea nearby. Both my sons and I work in the shipping
industry. Susan and I have 3 grandchildren (all boys) between us and two more on the way. Hoping (Susan's hoping) for girls. Can't tell yet. We'll know by the end of June.
Would be glad to hear from anyone out there

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 Response 20 of 72: Sandy Vogt  (sandy) * Thu, Apr  2, 1998 (17:34) * 12 lines 
Hi everybody!!

It was great to hear about Rick Froelich and some of the "Friday Night Boys". Pat Luppens will have to give us all a travelog about his area. I'm not a sea person, but where he lives there are some nice golf courses. My husband and I are looking to do

lots of golfing this summer and new courses are something we like to try.

I think we should all send Paul a picture of us now and see if we can guess who it is. Edith's picture was too easy. Just look at your yearbook.

I'll look forward to seeing you.


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 Response 21 of 72: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Thu, Apr  2, 1998 (19:36) * 58 lines 

I was in
San Francisco
yesterday on
the way to the
"Netscape Mozilla"
party when I got
an email from
Luppens. I was
walking up the hill
to the party so I
sent Pat a one line
reply. That's about all I can eak
out on the touchtone pad of my cellphone.

While I was at
my mom and sisters
in Walnut Creek, I
got a phone call
from Jack Newsom.

Remember Jack? He surprised me because he's
in the Internet business now!

Jack has worked for three startups and he's
been happily married to Sue Jones for quite a
few years. Jack is in marketing and we talked
about the changes happening on the net,
particularly in Internet telephony (a subject
which interests him as a provider of billing
software to ISPs). If you're gonna make calls
on the net, you're gonna have to have a way
of tracking them and billing them.

Jack's emails:

He mentioned Skip Radick (a developer in Big Sky now),
Terry Hanley (a Naples Florida car dealer), Bill
Groth, Paul Lochirco (flying corporate jets out of
Washington DC).

Jack still plays softball and ran a marathon when
he hit 40. Hey, I tried that too! And that was my
last also.

What I remember about Jack was that the dominated 6th

grade basketball but the rest of the team caught up with
him in skill level later on. He's a natural athlete and
leader. He exceled on the baseball field.

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 Response 22 of 72: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Sat, Apr  4, 1998 (20:54) * 44 lines 
Remember Sharon Weber

She called me a little
while ago and she sounded
very vibrant and youthful.
She has two boys now.
One is at Vanderbilt
University and the other is
at Indiana University.
Both are real active in
sports, just like she
was at Bayless.

Sandy, I bet you have
some anecdotes about Sharon?

She met her husband Dennis
at the Aerospace Lounge just after her high school
days and is now living up in Chesterfield, Missouri
(we moved up that area for a while after I graduated).

Sharon is plugging real hard for a reunion
of the nonvirtual kind (remember when we all met
face to face). A 40th reunion, that would be in
5 years in 2003.

She doesn't have net access but she has email at
her school where she teaches, in Rockwood.
She promised me she'd try and get someone to show
her this website and may even post a comment.

You know, if folks send you letters without net access,
ask them if it's ok to quote them here. And send them
a printout of the comments on this page. Having
internet access isn't a prerequisite here.

Sharon Weber. Wow. Neat. One of the real greats of
our high school. She's had a wonderful life, it sounds
like and she sounded great on the phone.

She remembered Newsom, Groth and Froelich (what a threesome!)
And she asked about Sandy, especially.

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 Response 23 of 72: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Mon, Apr  6, 1998 (19:08) * 4 lines 
I found out today that Kim Wunderlich died in an email from Jack Newsom.
And he notes that Jim Carr is in Atlanta. I made updates to the database.
There is a "hit counter" on the main page now. We'll see if folks are
stopping by.

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 Response 24 of 72: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Tue, Apr  7, 1998 (12:11) * 18 lines 
Cathy Musket just called and she just
got back from China. She's
getting hitched up with Richard Rieman
(Bayless 62), who she did the China
trip with.

She's lived in about 14 or 15 homes. She
mentioned Miss Charles, and when she gets a
computer she's going to hook her sewing
machine to it. No net access right now
but they'll get it when Richard retires.

She has three kids, ages 21, 24 and 30.
They're off at college and one of them is
applying for a job at the CIA.

She put me in touch with Sandy Finigian and
Kay Mallard Stark, who I will call soon.

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 Response 25 of 72: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Tue, Apr  7, 1998 (16:22) * 30 lines 

Kay Mallard Stark just called
me a little while ago.
And does she ever sound great!
She's living in Warrenton,
MO and has been blissfully
married for 30 years now to
Ray Stark.

The Starks have had a huge rags to riches success story
with their business, the US Display Company. They have
150 employees with branches all over the place. The last
time you went and rented a movie you probably saw one of
their full size, life size displays.

Kay had twins, and they're 28 now and both married.
She has a 20 month old grandaughter. Her 26 year old boy
is in the advertising and printing business, like she and
her husband are.

Kay still runs with Judy Aurin and Sandy Fingian. Judy works
at a computer company as a receptionist and Sandy is in real
estate married to a pilot.

But huge news, Kay is planning a 35th reunion
this year! In the fall. So make plans to meet me in St. Louie!
As soon as we get the details, we'll post it on the main
Bayless High 63 web page. It's going to be a three class
reunion, with 62, 63, and 64 classes all involved.

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 Response 26 of 72: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Sun, Apr 12, 1998 (23:24) * 41 lines 
We had a few server problems this weekend.
It's having fits with the name change from to But I think we
have a grip on it now.

I got a call from De Hylla and an email from
Sandy Vogt. She got her "prize" for guessing
Edith Jung, a basketball signed by Rebecca Lobo
and a Spring article and wall hanging.

I'm hoping to start another contest soon, but it
will be tougher! Keep checking in as the first
one who guesses will get the prize. Everyone's
eligible now except Sandy who's a former prizewinner.

De talked to Rick Gestring. I'll be sending him
out one of my "packets" of website reprints since
he doesn't have access. And De is promising a letter
that I can reprint.

Add another "silent classmate". Norman Herman died
right after graduation. Apparently a car jack failed
and he was crushed to death.

De says we'll play golf at the reunion, so I'll
have to get out to my little Bastrop course and
practice up.

I closed on the Austin house last week and will be
able to move in on May 20th.

I'm four days older than De. She was born December 7,
1944 in St. Louis and I was born December 2 in
St. Louis. Different hospitals. Good to hear from
De again.

Sandy's letter was great. She's so funny. She's
going to try and make it to the reunion but it's during
a busy time for her in the Fall (being a teacher and all).

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 Response 27 of 72: Wolf  (Wolf) * Mon, Apr 13, 1998 (21:43) * 1 lines 
Terry, this reunion on the net is way cool!!

 Topic 10 of 15 [homepage]: Bayless High 63
 Response 28 of 72: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Mon, Apr 13, 1998 (23:20) * 5 lines 
Sure is wolf. Where did you go to high school? What year did you
graduate? Start a topic separate from this one and invite your old
classmates to join you! And hang around and ask us Baylessfolk questions
if you like.

 Topic 10 of 15 [homepage]: Bayless High 63
 Response 29 of 72: Wolf  (Wolf) * Tue, Apr 14, 1998 (12:11) * 1 lines 
don't even know where my old classmates are. went to high school at Riley County High School, Riley Kansas (spent the rest of senior year in detention *HAHA*, no in southtexas school in Brownsville, can't remember the name, but i did gradiate *mispelled on purpose* from RCHS in, are you ready? 19--, ok, 1986. I know, I'm a baby compared to you all *heehee*)

 Topic 10 of 15 [homepage]: Bayless High 63
 Response 30 of 72: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Tue, Apr 14, 1998 (22:56) * 8 lines 
What's a little ol' 23 years. Sandy, should we take a vote on making
wolf our Bayless High mascot? I'm watching the "The Big Chill"; talk
about nostalgia. It makes me imagine what a "Big Chill" experience would
be with some members of our class. Do you know what I mean? Gathered
around the living room after the formalities have subsided, experincing
each other like Jeff Goldblum, William Hurt, Glen Close, Kevin Klien et
al did in this movie . . . interesting fuel for the reminiscing mind.

 Topic 10 of 15 [homepage]: Bayless High 63
 Response 31 of 72: Sandy Vogt  (sandy) * Thu, Apr 16, 1998 (22:46) * 13 lines 
Hi again!!

I don't think a reunion of Bayless Class of '63 would be anything like the "Big Chill" . I remember a rekindled romance in that movie. If I remember correctly my relationship with the boys in my class was friendly more that romantic. I do remember a few kisses, but we never really were "going together". The class reunion was great though. Everybody seemed really glad to see each other. We were all past impressing each other with our successes and were genuinely glad to be together and see one anoth
r. I had an absolute ball!! My husband went around to all of the males and asked them why everybody called me "sucky". This was a name given to me by Pat Pavlic ('62) because she said I was always sucking up to Ann Harrell. I don't think the fellas knew about it. I always thought it was between the girls on the teams. Anyway , Bill, my hubby, said he got a lot of strange looks.

Paul suggested that I might have some anecdotes about Sharon Weber. Well, I can't think of anything she ever did that wasn't on the "up-and-up". She was SO innocent & gullable. I always had a good time when we "cruised" Steak-n-Shakes or did whatever we did. I know that I was jealous of her figure and her big beautiful blue eyes.

I'm sure people are tired of my commentary. It's time to hear from some of the other '63 Broncos out there.

Wolf would make a good mascot. He could have been one of my students. I have a lot of former students out there who graduated around the same time he did. I'm so old now that I'm teaching children of my students!!

Bye for now!

 Topic 10 of 15 [homepage]: Bayless High 63
 Response 32 of 72: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Thu, Apr 23, 1998 (10:42) * 14 lines 
Just got a call from Kay Mallard Stark. Here's the deal.

There's going to be a reunion planning meeting April 30 7:30 pm at the
Holiday Inn Westport at 270 and Page, St Louis. Ask for Mary Krutman.
Judy Aurin, Kitty Petri, Phyllis Hanna and other folks will be there.
Everyone welcome.

I posted a note on the main page and made the title to reflect that this
conference is not just for '63 grads. Others are welcome also!

The *possible* dates for the reunion (*not official*) are August 29th or
October 31st. All up for discussion.

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 Response 33 of 72: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Thu, Aug  6, 1998 (17:24) * 21 lines 
I'd like to toss out something that Riette Walton wrote in another
conference (philosophy) for discussion, maybe it will spark something:

I used to look up people alot too, but I was almost almost
dissappointed upon meeting with someone from the past again - not
good old friends, because with them things will always remain the
same - but the few boyfriends I had. It was like they expected the
feeling to be the same as before, but how could that be? A few years
and a big distance don't leave anything unchanged. I think if people
can meet people from their past without longing for the person they
once were, and trying to be the person the
ther once knew, it would be a beautiful thing. Taking the time to get
to know the changed person. Few people are willing to do that. My
old boyfriends always seem dissappointed that I'm neither seventeen
nor a free soul anymore - as if marriage and children means a person
gives up his/her soul, and as if indeed I ever POSSESSED a soul at
all! And I'm always dissappointed for dissappointing them. So I
don't bother anymore. All I know is that the relationship that
lasted was the one started from scratch.

 Topic 10 of 15 [homepage]: Bayless High 63
 Response 34 of 72: Paul Terry Walhus  (terry) * Wed, Dec 16, 1998 (14:00) * 4 lines 
I heard from Sandra Sieburn today.

She just registered at the ClassMates site on the web. She doesn't remember me,
but she was going to go home tonight and look me up. She lives in Dallas now and graduated from Bayless in 1964. She ran around with Joanne Horvath, Linda Schultz and Maryanne Glasner. Remember these folks?

 Topic 10 of 15 [homepage]: Bayless High 63
 Response 35 of 72: Sandi Jones  (Doxie) * Wed, Jan  6, 1999 (16:39) * 1 lines 
Hi you all, I didn't graduate in 1963 but did in 1964. Wanted to say "Hello" to everyone. I am Sandi Siebern (Jones), hope some of your remember me. I correspond with Joanne Horvath (Warren) and Linda Schoetz (Lash) all the time and am anxious to go to a reunion of any sort. I have lived in Dallas for past 10 years but Huntington Beach, California before that and haven't been able to attend either of our class reunions. I definitely will go to this one.

 Topic 10 of 15 [homepage]: Bayless High 63
 Response 36 of 72: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Wed, Jan  6, 1999 (20:16) * 7 lines 
Do you ever make it down to Austin?

Do you correspond with these folks by email?

Glad you found us!

 Topic 10 of 15 [homepage]: Bayless High 63
 Response 37 of 72: Sandi Jones  (Doxie) * Thu, Jan  7, 1999 (08:29) * 10 lines 
We come to Austin once in a while. I have a close cousin that lives there and I go to conferences there once in a while also.

Joanne Warren (Horvath) has an E Mail but it is strictly for her company (Monsanto) and she isn't supposed to get personal things thru it but I do once in a while when I just absolutely have to tell her somethiing. If you all remember, Joanne and I, we almost always got in trouble for talking, especially to each other in classes. So it seems I almost always have something I MUST tell her.
She still lives in Affton.

Donna and Maryanne don't have computers so I only see them when I go home, although we talk by phone once in a while.

Anybody else out there live in Texas? We love it here. Miss the California weather of course, and the mountains and beach, but the people here seem much more genuine and friendly.

My E Mail is ( send me E-mails, I love them. I promise to answer promptly.

 Topic 10 of 15 [homepage]: Bayless High 63
 Response 38 of 72: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Thu, Jan  7, 1999 (09:15) * 4 lines 
Do you remember any other members of my class or some of the folks that
have posted comments above? Who else can we get to join us here in your
class? Do you have a class list that we could post?

 Topic 10 of 15 [homepage]: Bayless High 63
 Response 39 of 72: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Sun, Jan 10, 1999 (23:07) * 24 lines 
The latest from Pat Luppens:

Hi Terry,
We have a new girl here, too. Abigail showed up last July. She's
a real charmer. Has pretty blue eyes. Not much of a conversationalist
yet but she'll learn the language soon enough. She's our first
grandaughter. We spoil her pretty badly when we can.
Spent our vacation in Prince Edward Island, Canada. It's a very
diffferent place; like going back to the fifties. If you like lobster and
seafood, it's a good place to be. Had a pretty good time.
Have you heard from Merle lately? I'd been e-mailing back and
forth and then he just stopped. Have to assume he just got busy. Makes
me nervous though. I should probably call and see if he's OK.
Would love to come to Austin. Have heard a lot about it. Can't
image how we could manage it any time soon. Most of our vacation time is
taken up with family. Susan's father lives in the Boston area. Her son
lives in upstate New York. We're going to St. Louis for my mom's 80th
b-day at the end of the month. Wish we could quit our dumb jobs and pile
some stuff in my old toyota truck and just go and see. I'm lumbered I
guess. Don't mind really. Susan's really good to me. A soul-mate I've
only known her ten years but it seem like we've always been together.
Good to hear from you again. Give my best to all your "family"
there in Austin.

 Topic 10 of 15 [homepage]: Bayless High 63
 Response 40 of 72: Sandi Jones  (Doxie) * Mon, Jan 18, 1999 (14:50) * 9 lines 
Anything going on with anybody? Pete and I are having our 10th wedding anniversary on Thursday. We are celebrating by flying to Amsterdam in May, then on to London to visit friends. I am anxious to hear anymore about our high school reunion. I think it is nice that three classes (62,63, and 64) are having one together. I remember my first date was with Jim Petry in class of 62 and I had a huge crush on Jim Robison (class of 63) and I had lots of girlfriends in class of 63, plus getting to see my own c
assmates will be super.

I remember going to all the basketball games, wearing my green and gold and coming home hoarse from yelling for the Bronchos. Such good times we had and now that I look back on it, we had a bunch of really good kids. Our parents didn't have to worry about a whole lot, not like parents of today.

I remember two things in particular about people from your class. I had a date to the drive-in with Ken Wickie and it was the time for Daylight savings time to either start or stop and we fell asleep and were hours late coming home, my folks were beside themselves with worry. Poor Ken, I think he was afraid to take me home knowing how any girl's folks would be. It all turned out good though, as luckily I was a pretty good kid and never gave my parents much trouble so they believed us. Second thing was th
t I was on a date with Paul LoChirco and we were in his Vette and it started raining. We had to go home and exchange his car to his dad's Grand Prix because he didn't want his Vette spotted. I thought that was funny, but remember what a gentleman he was as he asked me if I minded and he really was a great date. Of course, he was in an older class then I was so I was impressed just ot be asked to go out with him anyway.

I remember a few other things now too, but I have rambled on long enough. Will E Mail more later.

 Topic 10 of 15 [homepage]: Bayless High 63
 Response 41 of 72: Sandi Jones  (Doxie) * Tue, Jul 13, 1999 (15:49) * 1 lines 
Has anyone heard about the class of 63, 64, and 65 having a combined reunion this year? I heard the rumors, but nothing definite yet.

 Topic 10 of 15 [homepage]: Bayless High 63
 Response 42 of 72: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Tue, Jul 13, 1999 (16:08) * 6 lines 
I heard those rumors too Sandy. But no followup. You can check with Kay
Mallard, she's listed in the class directory on the website.

Do you have any idea how many girls we had in our class named Sandy?

 Topic 10 of 15 [homepage]: Bayless High 63
 Response 43 of 72: Paul Terry Walhus  (terry) * Wed, Mar 14, 2001 (10:50) * 3 lines 
What about a 50th reunion in 2003?

 Topic 10 of 15 [homepage]: Bayless High 63
 Response 44 of 72: get a spring website (sprin5) * Thu, Mar 15, 2001 (08:38) * 1 lines 
Er, 40th, I mean. the 50th would be in 2013.

 Topic 10 of 15 [homepage]: Bayless High 63
 Response 45 of 72: get a spring website (sprin5) * Fri, Mar 16, 2001 (08:43) * 11 lines 
This is a story from our times from Bill Bradley's website:

"But basketball became more than that for Bill. He attended summer basketball camps sponsored by the St. Louis Hawks' "Easy" Ed Macauley, where he learned the importance of practicing: "When you're not practicing, someone somewhere is. And when the two of you meet, given roughly equal ability, he will win." Bill took that advice to heart. He would practice his shooting by moving from one place to another around the basket. He would have to make twenty-five shots in a row from each position before allowing himself to move on, and if he missed a shot, he would start over from the beginning. Bill decided early on that he wanted to succeed in basketball, and that if he didn't, it wouldn't be for lack of effort.

"Bill did what he did by hard work. Everyone looked up to him. He was sort of inspirational. Basketball was one-millionth of what he had to offer."
-- Sam LaPresta, Bill's childhood friend, quoted in John McPhee, A Sense of Where You Are
(Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1965)

The hard work paid off. Bill scored over three thousand points in four years of high school basketball and won All-American honors his junior and senior years. In his senior year, the Crystal City Hornets reached the finals of the Missouri state basketball championships against the big-city kids of St. Louis University High School. Nearly six thousand people jammed into Washington University field house to watch the game. Bill scored thirty-three points that night, but Crystal City lost by one point in a game that went down to its final seconds.

 Topic 10 of 15 [homepage]: Bayless High 63
 Response 46 of 72: get a spring website (sprin5) * Fri, Mar 16, 2001 (08:44) * 1 lines 
I still have a scar on my fore head from the time Jack Newsom and I collided in midcourt chasing a basketball down in a practice game. I went to that St. Louis Hawks basketball camp.

 Topic 10 of 15 [homepage]: Bayless High 63
 Response 47 of 72: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Fri, Aug 17, 2001 (15:21) * 13 lines

This is Mr. Miller's fourth grade class. We are not your average class because we use technology and the Internet everyday! We think this will be a fun project. It will be fun to learn about each other's environment. We hope we learn about new things and places. Since we'll be working together, here's a little about us.

Our school district has four buildings. They are Bayless Elementary, Bayless Intermediate,Bayless Junior High, and Bayless High School. The building we are in is Bayless Intermediate. Bayless Intermediate has grades 3-6. Bayless is located in St. Louis, Missouri. St. Louis is the second oldest city in Missouri. In case you want to know where Missouri is located, Missouri is located in the center of the United States. St. Louis is located in eastern Missouri where the Mississippi and Missouri rivers meet. Our schools' colors are green and gold.

Our classroom is a MINTs class. MINTs stand for Multimedia Interactive NetworkedTechnologies. The students have 15 computers to use. We have a total of 23 students in our classroom, by having 12 girls and 11 boys. Because of the computers we have, our class is air conditioned. We do a lot of projects, and we use technology every day, and that makes it fun to learn.

We hope you enjoy working with us. Also we think it will be fun working, with other schools and places. We can't wait to start this project with you. We also think it will be fun to meet new people from other countries. Since this is just about everything about us, we better start looking for a great place to describe.

Mr. Miller's Fourth Grade Class

 Topic 10 of 15 [homepage]: Bayless High 63
 Response 48 of 72: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Fri, Aug 17, 2001 (15:22) * 2 lines

 Topic 10 of 15 [homepage]: Bayless High 63
 Response 49 of 72: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Wed, Sep 11, 2002 (08:05) * 31 lines 
Another classmate heard from!

From: sandytrenz
Subject: Class of 63

Hi Terry,

Have not seen you since 1963 - not so long, right!? Saw your website
of our classmates from, it seems like centuries ago, and wanted to tell
you how nice it is that you did that.
I have not stayed in touch with very many x-classmates. I understand you
live in Eureka - or has that changed. I live in Wildwood - near 109 and
Hwy 100, off old Manchester.

Cathy Dickemper (Musket) and I stayed in touch for awhile until she
moved to Branson. I think she lives on the lake somewhere - and is
currently back with her old boyfriend Rich Rieman. I have also stayed in
touch with Judy Wood (Aurin) and Kay Starck (Mallard) althugh it has been
a few years now.

I hope this finds you well - we should try and get a small group
together sometime if you are living in the area - I sell real estate in
the West County area and I find it very interesting how many Bayless
people I have run into.....all great people!

Have a great day!

Sandy (Finigian) Trenz


 Topic 10 of 15 [homepage]: Bayless High 63
 Response 50 of 72: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Wed, Sep 11, 2002 (08:50) * 10 lines 

Sandy Finigian Trenz.

Judy Aurin Wood

Cathy Musket Dickemper

All mentioned in Sandy Finigian Trenz email above.

 Topic 10 of 15 [homepage]: Bayless High 63
 Response 51 of 72: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Mon, Oct 14, 2002 (21:18) * 34 lines 
Another Bayhigh 63 grad heard from!

Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 21:31:20 EDT
Subject: Bob Hribernik

Hi Folks
Wanted to let you know that I'm alive and well in Flat Rock, NC. Just took
an early out from Baxter Healthcare in Chicago where I was Vice President of
Global Supply Chain and a member of the Executive Operations Board of the

My wife Jo Ann and I are really enjoying our life of leisure. I have two
daughters Leigh and Susan who both live in North Carolina.

By the way the last address I had for Rich Reinheimer was:
109 Bel Air Drive
Statesboro, GA 30461

My email address is

Found you on


Bob Hribernik

Google's pretty amazing, isn't it Bob. I find useful stuff there every day it seems. You
were pretty tall and thin as I remember, I won't ask if you've kept that boyish figure if
you won't ask me! Where is Flat Rock? What are your retirement hobbies and pastimes?
Any ties to the St. Louis area?

 Topic 10 of 15 [homepage]: Bayless High 63
 Response 52 of 72: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Wed, Oct 16, 2002 (22:03) * 40 lines 
Bob posted this is toipic 11 so I'll repost it here, cause I'm sure he meant it for here!

Topic 11 of 14: 'The Austin Cacophony Society'
Resp 6 of 6: Bob Hribernik (BobH) Wed, Oct 16, 2002 (22:13) 23 lines

Hi everyone
Jo Ann and I are doing great in NC. Enjoying living in the mountains
close to Asheville, NC and about 45 minutes from
Greenville/Spartanburg, SC.

Just moved into our house in mid August and still getting
settled...downsizing is not easy!

To answer Pauls questions, I'm still tall, folically challenged and
have gained a few pounds since graduatingbut still not overweight...

We are looking forward to our lifestyle in the Carolinas and spending
time in Hilton Head and the Pan Handle of Florida when we get the
chance. Have not had time to play any golf yet but looking forward
to getting at it some time soon.

My oldest daughter is getting married in April on a cruise so we are
busy with those plans.

Still have relatives in St. Louis, but my Mom passed away about 5
years ago and my Dad is living with my brother in Dallas. Still try
to get back to St. Louis every couple of years.

Our address and phone are:
107 Pinnacle Peak Lane
Flat Rock, NC 28731
Fax: 828-692-7132

Looking forward to hearing from everyone soon. Interested in a 40th

Bob Hribernik

 Topic 10 of 15 [homepage]: Bayless High 63
 Response 53 of 72: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Thu, Nov  6, 2003 (12:58) * 13 lines 
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2003 13:55:47 EST
From: ""
To: ""
Subject: Jim Daniels

E-mail mailto://
Phone 636 677 3120
Address 5917 Starlite Dr, High Ridge, Mo. 63049

Jim's retired as Assistant Chief from High Ridge Fire District last
year. He still remains active with their dive team and Mid Mo Search and
Rescue. He has 4 children and just celebrated our 39th wedding

 Topic 10 of 15 [homepage]: Bayless High 63
 Response 54 of 72: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Thu, Nov  6, 2003 (23:16) * 4 lines 

Pat and Susan Luppens are happily married and I hear from Pat often. Got
this picture today. Pat works with boats and computers. He looks very
fit in this picture, don't you think?

 Topic 10 of 15 [homepage]: Bayless High 63
 Response 55 of 72: Paul Terry Walhus  (paul) * Sun, Jun 13, 2004 (12:15) * 24 lines 
The website has been revised, I made the navigation more complete so it includes the yearbook and some other new areas.

I made the background gold and the text purple.

I revised the email list, this is what we have now: Gail Egendorfer Agnew De Hylla Bob Hbrinik Jack Newsom (also Rich Rheinheimer Pat Luppens Paul Terry Walhus Sandi Jones Jim Daniels Sandy Vogt Whalen

Ten emails out of a hundred. One from another class (Sandi Jones) but she went out with enough guys in our class to qualify as an honorary 63 class member.

It's hot, hot, hot this summer down in Cedar Creek, but having the pool is a godsend.

So take a look at the revised website if you get the change. It has an all new look, more consistent with the school colors.

As always, I'm trying to find more folks and get some more juicy stories like the ones Sandi posted.

 Topic 10 of 15 [homepage]: Bayless High 63
 Response 56 of 72: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Mon, Aug 15, 2005 (16:46) * 93 lines 
I found this interesting summary of our Bayless High web page:

They've archived us!

ve also been archived extensively at the WayBack Machine:

And I heard some more from Sandi Seibern, now Sandi Jones.


I haven't heard from anyne except Marianne Glasner(Kennedy) is selling my
mom's house for her and I saw her this past weekend. Joanne
Horvath(Warren) is still around, saw her a month ago inSt. Louis. We are
buying a brand new smaller house in Euless, exactly one mile away from our
home now. SHould be in it around end of Jan.

My son is on General Hospital now and I am still active in Dachshund
rescue. We plan to retuire in two years and fish and fish and fish. We
fell in love with a place in Arkansas which is a retirement community but
its in middle of tornado alley so decided to change our idea.

My dad passed away in Dec. so we are having mom get a house right next
door to ours. She should be able to move in around Christmas time.
. . .

I look pretty much like I did too, plus about 70 lbs. I was always so
skinny in high school, but definitely ned to lose 50 lbs now. I am happy
though and I think that is the most important thing. Plus, I dye my hair
blonde now instead of it being natural. I plan to go to my coffin with
blondish hair. Feel better with it that way.

I'm plus about 50 now but just started mountain biking... trying to
keep with with Lance Armstrong and GWB

I only have 3200 sq. footage and it is way too much for me. My housekeeper
and ironing lady both help out but working full time and living so far
from work doesn't help. We bought a brand new 2500 sq. foot house and
love it. Well, that is, if we can sell ours.

My husband is Pete and we have five kids between us. I have two, Craig
(aged 30) and Shannon (aged 33) and my husband has three boys, Greg (aged
35), Tim (aged 34) and Sean, (aged 31).

We are leaving for a two week cruise of Alaska and can't wait. My husband
loves to fly fish, thus Alaska again. I would have preferred another
Mediteranean one, but we takes turns picking so it was his turn.

. . .

Did the class of 63 have a reunion a year or so ago? Our class doesn't
seem interested in having one.

Don't know!

I did see Steve Casanover over the May holiday, he is doing great and has
one son, aged 22 and in college.

They live in suburb of Chicago. Pete McAvity was there too and he lives in
Lake St. Louis (married a real rich lady).

. . .

I heard Sandy Leopold and Jim Robison got divorced, do you know if that is
true? Jim's sister used to be one of my best friends and I was wondering
if you knew how to get ahold of him so I could contact him and get back
with his sister. Joanne and I both were talking about her a few days ago
on the phone.

I don't know if this is true or not.

Anyway, Sandi Siebern (now Jones) is trying to get me some more Bayless
High updates via Marianne, Donna Alford or Linda Scholz.

* * *

I asked Pat Luppens why more Bayless High folks aren't coming out of the
woodwork and he seems to think St. Louis is in the technology backwoods.
I don't know why, but the response to the Bayless High website has been
pretty weak.

If you're one of those folks in the woodwork, give me a call (
512.699.4000 ), email me ( mailto:// ) or sign up and post
something in this topic.

Or send me a picture or a recording to podcast. Or a smoke signal. Or

 Topic 10 of 15 [homepage]: Bayless High 63
 Response 57 of 72: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Wed, Aug 24, 2005 (20:17) * 29 lines 
Heard from:

John Herzing, VP of Sales

John Herzing joined Neoconix Inc. in April, 2005, as Vice President of Sales.
He has extensive experience in leading rapidly growing, highly profitable,
market- driven businesses in sales and marketing, with the last 15 years at the
executive level.

Prior to joining Neoconix, Mr. Herzing was Vice President of Sales for
Brilliance Semiconductor, a pre-IPO company of low-power SC products and
previous to that, VP of Worldwide Sales for ITF Optical Technologies, a pre-IPO
Fiber-Optics Company based in Montreal.

Before that Mr. Herzing served in a number of senior management roles including
Vice President of Sales and Marketing for OKI Semiconductor and Fujitsu
Microelectronics, as well as a number of management positions in sales and
marketing at Texas Instruments, including Vice President of Sales for the
Semiconductor Group.

Mr. Herzing holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering as
well as a Masters degree in Business Administration from Washington University
in St. Louis, Mo.

Way to go, John! You're a genius.

 Topic 10 of 15 [homepage]: Bayless High 63
 Response 58 of 72: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Wed, Aug 24, 2005 (20:57) * 19 lines 
And there's more

John Herzing '69 (baseball, basketball): Herzing, who was a three-time College
Athletic Conference (CAC) all-star selection, graduated in 1969 as the Bears'
career leader in strikeouts (299).

Ranked second all-time in career earned-run average (1.87) and fifth in innings
pitched (231.2) and victories (20) at the time of induction, he owns the school
record for season ERA (0.73in 1967) and strikeouts-perinnings pitched (1.29).

Named team MVP in 1969, Herzing won the CAC championship game as a freshman
with a 14-strikeout performance.

Helping the Bears win consecutive CAC championships in 1968 and 1969, he was
drafted by four different professional teams -- including the St.Louis
Cardinals -- but did not sign.

 Topic 10 of 15 [homepage]: Bayless High 63
 Response 59 of 72: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Thu, Aug 25, 2005 (08:17) * 22 lines 


Thanks for the quick response. My life turned out just fine. I married my
childhood sweetheart from Bayless (Martha Martin - also class of '64) in
1968. We live in San Jose and I'm the VP of Sales for a high-tech silicon
valley company. Marty is administrator of our church. We have two boys,
Scott and Adam, and just became grandparents in May of Travis, Scott's son.

My sister Judie (class of 61) still lives in St. Louis. Marty and I have
stayed up with a few classmates of '64: Dennis Scheske, Steve Casanover,
Kitty Jacobs (Petry), Andrea Ficklin, Kay Benz (Federspiel), etc. but that's
about it.

In answer to your last question, the person in front of you on the "B" Club
picture is Scott Millecker (class of '64).

Good to hear from you.

John Herzing

 Topic 10 of 15 [homepage]: Bayless High 63
 Response 60 of 72: harold naegele  (shiloh1) * Tue, Aug 15, 2006 (06:03) * 3 lines 
What a great discovery, to find this site. It is like finding something wonderful that you thought you had lost forever. My youngest son's wife is very interested in our family tree, and she called me one morning to tell me that she had found this site, and was sure it must be my school, since I had grown up in south county St. Louis and had only gone to one school from K-12. She had my attenion and she was right. I couldn't thank her enough for giving me the web address's. Paul you have really started truly great service and kindness to your classmates.
Thank you so much,
Harold Naegele

 Topic 10 of 15 [homepage]: Bayless High 63
 Response 61 of 72: homepager (cfadm) * Tue, Aug 15, 2006 (22:19) * 1 lines 
Hey, I remember you Harold! Spread the word Harold. You were a blond guy, you could have had a role in Grease. Pretty tough. Yeah, I remember.

 Topic 10 of 15 [homepage]: Bayless High 63
 Response 62 of 72: harold naegele  (shiloh1) * Wed, Sep 13, 2006 (01:20) * 3 lines 
Paul,if you prefer to called Terry, please let me know in your reply. There are some very fine people who still live in the st. louis area, who I would love to hear from as I'm sure almost everyone would if they could be found. James Daniels, Rick Gestring, Ben Smith?,Scott Roeder. Ben may not still live there. There are also so many nice girls we went to school with; I can't even think of any that weren't nice. I look at the graduating classes of my daughters and sons and see how blessed we were. Well I have to go for now, but the Lord willing I will be back.

 Topic 10 of 15 [homepage]: Bayless High 63
 Response 63 of 72: homepager (cfadm) * Wed, Sep 13, 2006 (12:02) * 6 lines 
Paul is ok. I've heard from Jim Daniels. Yeah, come back and get others to come back. Check out the directory of Bayless Class of 63 and send me any additions corrections. etc.

I remember you. Blond hair. Kind of a cool haircut with a little bit of grease? Rick Gestring, sure, I remember him. Scott Roeder a remember a little less. Ben Smith had a cool car didn't he?

Yes, all the girls in our class were exceptional. What a crop!

 Topic 10 of 15 [homepage]: Bayless High 63
 Response 64 of 72: harold naegele  (shiloh1) * Wed, Sep 20, 2006 (04:15) * 7 lines 
You are right; there seems to be quite a problem getting responses from our classmates,but I don't think they are insurmountable. Mainly because we seem have some people very astute minds in the IP arena. You, Paul, Jack Newsom, and others. Just look at the possibilities, you all are at the top of your game; you can't help but come up with a winng idea, you didn't get where you are by accident or by serendepity. I'll bet that within 6 months you gentlemen will have over one half located and conversing. IN A YEAR or so, that you will have the majority of class located. Look at the great resourses that you already have before you start; De Hylla, Sandy Vogt, Gail Egendorfer,Edith Jung,Sandy Finnigan, Carol Endermuhle, yourself, Jack, Jim Carr, Bill Groth, Rick Froelich,Jim Daniels, Paul LoChirco. And do you hnow what you have? The happiest bunch of 60 plus 18 year olds on the planet.

Well I have to go for now, I have to get some work done.
Have a terrific day and week,

Harold Naegele

 Topic 10 of 15 [homepage]: Bayless High 63
 Response 65 of 72: homepager (cfadm) * Thu, Sep 21, 2006 (16:57) * 5 lines 
Very well said Harold. I like your vision on this.

We'll be having virtual basketball games and prom dances with holograms of ourselves next. The way instant messenging is evolving, this may not be too far off. Paul, I heard, is a pilot. In Florida or something. De Hylla is a kick to talk to on the phone, still as peppy as ever. Her son is a policeman in St. Louis. And she educated me that it is "De" and not "Dee". Sandy Vogt was quite the basketball player and all around athlete. Gail actually came to Austin and I visited with her a bit at her son's place up in Round Rock. Pat Luppen's is in Edgar Cayce country. Rick Froelich is the candy king.

What standout memories do you have of Bayless High, Harold? Do you remember any funny stories or incidents from that time?

 Topic 10 of 15 [homepage]: Bayless High 63
 Response 66 of 72: harold naegele  (shiloh1) * Mon, Oct  2, 2006 (03:30) * 4 lines 
We seem to be having a dialogue.Where is everyone? If there is one certain truth about our class, it is this; we were not the silent type. Even the young ladies like De,Edith Gail,Carol,Judy A,Nancy B,Carla Mezines {Larwell}, Barbara Story, and so many more are ever so silent,why? I am not bragging on myself,but we had one GREAT CLASS! It is a shame to not hear from one another. I know there can be times when one of us may grow silent because grief, or other circumstances,but after living through some of my own, only later did I realize how much we could help each other. My second oldest son would undoubtably be pitching in the majors today,he had at three least three teams wanting him to sign,but a drunk driver on the wrong side of the road hit a carload of young men on the way to Saturday game. He killed two of them and totally disabled Tim. Would you believe he wasn't hurt, but when he saw what he had done he had a heart attack and died on the spot. Tim was also a quarterback, and the K.C. Cheif's were l
oking at him also. I could never have got through that alone, al-though I tried to tough it out. FORGET THAT! If it hadn't been for the LORD and faithful friends I think I might have lost it. I guess what I'm trying to say here is that those friendships we had are worth restoring and nurturing.They are not replaceable. So lets do something good about them.
I must go for now,but we can make a difference for one another. Harold

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 Response 67 of 72: Harold naegele  (shiloh1) * Thu, Oct  5, 2006 (06:11) * 6 lines 
I truly apologize for the length of my last correspondence, I seem to have allowed myself to become morose. But those last few sentences are an absolute truth, we can make a difference! I really hope we can reach most of our class, somehow,someway. We would all be the better for it. By the way. Do you remember showing Kim and I your telescope and astronomy books and charts. I don't think Kim was really into it, but I was and I was impressed with your scope and charts. I was also into radio astronomy, which I really enjoyed studying. Kim really ragged me for about a week over the astronomy, but not in a mean or hateful way. His Mom was a great cook and she always had something there in the way of a snack, even if she wasn,t there. Do you remember Mrs. Elmore? I was really an enigma to her, because I loved to read and on many different subjects. Iguess I didn't look the part to her and more than she asked me if I really read that widely and she just looked at me in dibelief until she to my Mom one day, who as
ured her that I loved to read and study. My mother was an astute reader with a thirst for knowledge. Would you please tell me what happened to Kim concerning his death.
As for Norman Hermann, he had just put dual exhaust on his Corvair and it had a slight leak, so he jacked it up with a bumper jack {he knew better}and didn't use any jack stands, because he was only going to be working on it for a couple of minutes. He accidently kicked the jack while he was moving around underneath the car and it fell on him and the exhaust manifold studs pierced his skull and
enter his brain. What terrible loss of a good person. when I came home from work the medics'were just getting ready to leave. I lived about seven houses down from his family. He is the only one that I know about Please advise every one thatyou know to never,never,ever get under a car without jack-stands. Never use concrete blocks , or bricks,as both will break. Good luck finding our classmates. Harold

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 Response 68 of 72: shiloh1  (shiloh1) * Tue, Nov  7, 2006 (06:04) * 4 lines 
I was just wondering how the searh for our missing classmates was going? I hope that you and the other have found agood method for finding them. I think it would really be great to get together again somehow, someway even if it has to be over over the internet, although nothing compares with the real thing. I truly believe the adage that you are as old as you believe you are. There are enough studies that prove you can keep both your mind and body in excellent condition. Maybe our body's may not look exactly 17 or 18, but they don't have to terribe either. well, so much for that. I would bet almost a nything that we could enrich each others lives.
Have a great day and a wonderful week.

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 Response 69 of 72: homepager (cfadm) * Sun, Dec 24, 2006 (11:03) * 40 lines 
Man Harold I'm sorry to hear about your son. No need to apologize for lengthy posts. I wish more folks would chime in with detailed remembrances and accounts of what they're up to now.

I do remember Mrs. Elmore.

She sure tried to stereotype you.

If you haven'
t heard the news, Merle died.

He was a great teacher with a wonderful spirit. He took us caving on weekends in his Austin Healey 3000.

I had been meaning to call him but the opportunity has slipped by.

Sorry to hear about Norman Hermann's tragic end.

I'm going to invest in some jack stands next time I go to Walmart.

I wonder if I should bite the bullet and join, nah, I'll tough it out and try to round up all the classmates the old fashined way.

Email me your phone number Harold and I'll do a podcast interview with you, the first which I hope will be a series if I can round up other folks phone numbers. I'm going to start a blog on the Bayless site and offer authorship to anyone who wants it who is either a past or present Bayless Bronco.

We could get together via skype, do you have skype Harold?

On the young ladies you mention. I had a super phone converstion with De, she was as feisty as ever and outspoken. She's living a great life and the boondocks.

Gail like I said came to Austin to see her son and we visited.

Nothing from Edith, she was very interesting. Carol Endermuhl (sp?), no word.

Judy Aurin, I remember her mostly from the miniscule French class, ("Judite") and she went out with Gary Wolz.

Nancy Brundick, nothing heard.

Carla Mezines was the class valedictorian and I wonder what kind of career path she chose.

Barbara Story, nada.

It was a great class, you wonder what a lot of folks did for college and what they're doing now.

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 Response 70 of 72: Steven A. Mezines  (stevemezines) * Thu, Aug  9, 2007 (11:02) * 19 lines 
We are still married and living in Houston, TX. We moved their in July of this year to be near our Daughter Rebecca and our granddaughter Nyssa. They live in the little town of Nacogdoches, TX, where Rebeccaís husband Steve Galatas teaches Political Science at Stephen F. Austin University.

If you would like to contact either of us here is our new contact information:
Home phone 281-225-4663
Work for me is 636-524-8231
My cell is 573-535-1840

Carla went to College at Mizzou and got her degree in teaching, grades 1 thru 8. She taught school on and off as we moved and she did not teach until our daughter reached the age of 6.

I graduated from Univ. of Mo. @ Rolla with my first degree in Physics and my Masterís in Civil Engineering ( Theoretical Structural Analysis). I have worked on a lot of neat projects as a Structural Engineer, analyzing, designing and building Bridges, Power Plants, and now Iím working on the largest Cement Plant in the world. Itís been a kind of fun career.

Feel free to call us if you want to catch up on things.

Steve Mezines

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These are some of the smartest folks in our class. The combined brainpower of these two is awesome.

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date Wed, Feb 3, 2010 at 7:59 AM
subject RE: Bayless class of '63

hide details 7:59 AM (1 hour ago)

Hello All,

I was so surprised to find this page pop up! I have thought of doing this myself, but always just to busy to sit down and get it done.

I have been hiding in St. Louis all the time. Same address on Vasel Drive except for one year, but the phone number changed when I lived away for the one year. Current phone is 314-544-1006.

I've had a wonderful and interesting life thanks to Mr. Raymond Keller's history classes. Too much time on my hands while raising four children so I began traveling all over the US and Europe doing American Civil War re-enactments and reproducing the historically correct clothing needed for the hobby. It became my business. My latest venture was making the uniforms for the 200th anniversary of the Louisiana Purchase.

Life's been a blast, would like to see you all......any reunion planned? I went to several of the Bayless School Reunions, but only met two members of our class in two different years. I quit going because there was no one from our Class showing up.

Nancy Herndon-Ulrich

ptw note - I extended Nancy an offer to be an editor/author on Bayless High at and I extend this to any other Bayless High alum or student who wants authorship and/or editorship.

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