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Topic 34 of 52: Suzuki Roshi - Zen Master

Mon, Jan 19, 1998 (04:03) | Paul Terry Walhus (terry)
Shunriyu Suzuki Roshi was one of my earliest Zen mentors.
He wrote the classic Zen Mind, Beginners Mind.

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 Topic 34 of 52 [spirit]: Suzuki Roshi - Zen Master
 Response 1 of 3: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Mon, Jan 19, 1998 (04:03) * 96 lines 
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 1998 11:12:13 +0900 (JST)
From: (Brad DeMond)

A note to the discussion about _Zen at War_:

I was having coffee with a friend in Kyoto last week. He teaches at a
university here in Japan and knows Brian Victoria. According to him,
the original manuscript for _Zen at War_ was about 30% longer than the
actual published book. The publisher said they only had enough money
for about a 200-page book. The section that was not published included
questions Brian Victoria raised and his discussion about what the
history of Zen and militarism, detailed in the work, meant to Buddhists
in general and Zen Buddhists in particular.

I also tried this morning to order the book, without
success. I'll try the URL given by the moderator.

Brad DeMond
Shiga, Japan

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From: "Stuart Lachs"
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 1998 23:03:25 +0000

> [snip]
> Are you quite sure that it really is "just published" and not
> "scheduled to be published"?
> [snip]
> Jiho Sargent
> [snip]

Dear Jiho ,

Yes, the book is definitely published (actually was published as of
12/1/97 ) as I received my copy the 2nd week in Dec. by calling the
publisher directly. Weatherhill's phone # in New York City is (212)
966 - 3080 , their 800 # is 788-7323 . The book is an important read
as it shows Zen's almost complete embracing of Imperial Japan's
militaristic expansion throughout the greater Pacific area . What
seems particularly disturbing to me was the interpretation given to
Buddhist and /or Zen ideas and terminology to fit in with Japan's
imperialist policy. Also disturbing is the not so pretty picture given
of Harada, Yasutani, Yamada Mumon and Soen Shaku roshis as well as
D.T.Suzuki, the Japanese Zen teachers who were most influential in
bringing Zen to the west.

The book raises many questions for me. I hope it will generate
some/much discussion. Sorry for any trouble you have had,but I'm sure
the read will make up for it.

Take care,

> -----------------moderator's comment ---------------------------
> AMAZON.COM's database provides the following information:
> ***
> Zen at War
> by Daizen Victoria, Brian Victoria
> List: $19.95
> Our Price: $15.96
> Not Yet Available: You may still order this title. We will ship it
> to you when it is released by the publisher.
> Paperback published by Weatherhill
> Publication date: November 1997
> ISBN: 0834804050
> ***

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 Topic 34 of 52 [spirit]: Suzuki Roshi - Zen Master
 Response 2 of 3: Annette Mercer  (LaughingSky) * Wed, Feb 25, 1998 (21:16) * 7 lines 
Great, Terry! I always remember Suzuki Roshi's quote, in the beginning of
Stephen Gaskin's book, "This Season's People";

"Life is like stepping onto a boat which is about to sail out to sea
and sink".

Food for thought, eh? :)

 Topic 34 of 52 [spirit]: Suzuki Roshi - Zen Master
 Response 3 of 3:  (sprin5) * Tue, Mar  6, 2001 (10:02) * 5 lines 

Tassajara is one of the most beautiful and well kept places on the planet, this is a photo from Judy Bunce's web page.

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